Friday, April 09, 2010

Learning by Teaching and Doing

Dramatic results can be achieved in learning if...
1. teach others what you learn and
2. Apply what you learn !
These 2 approaches will help you learn best because you internalized things that you learn ...
The best way to get people to learn is to become teachers themselves!
Teaching others is difficult if you yourself do not know thoroughly the concepts..
So....try to understand the concept step by step.... and then teach somebody until he understand and be able to explain too.
And also when you teach or share what you are learning with others, you commit
yourself socially, be more motivated and also creates bonding with people.....
To know and not do, is really not to know. it should be doing and applying that can internalized knowledge and understanding....
(From Stephen R. Covey's Book - The 8th Habbit from Effectiveness to greatness)

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