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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The power of goals

Success happens not by chance but by design
The most important step that you must take in the whole process of succeeding in school and in life is setting GOALS!
Everything achieved and accomplished are not by chance.It happened because one's dreamed  and design it clearly in one's goals. Most people do not set goals because they have low self esteem, do not believe in goals and fear failure and embarassment!!
Actually, goals empower us to succeed that is, it direct our choices and actions, drive us and stretch our potentials .
But if we have no goals in life , it' s dangerous because there is nothing to focus on, have no direction and always have excuses for not studying.
Without goals we will feel lazy and tired: goals energized and and empower you!
So what should you do now?
Set goals in all areas of your life , big and exciting goals!
Here are the six steps in order to create powerful goals.
1. Write down what you want specifically.
2. List all the benefits and reasons for achieving that goal
3. Write down a strategy and a plan of action.
4. Set a deadline.
5. Emotianally charge your goal
6. Create momentum by taking action now.
Set your mind to achieve the goals, never loose faith, always perservere, and remember that if you want to achieve something in life you can! Work hard according to your plan and tawwakal to Allah always. He is the divine power behind a muslim's faith.

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